Raison d’être

The Global Awards have been created to celebrate and reward the best individual and company performances in Seniors Housing/Care Trends, Healthcare IT, Apps/Digital Innovation, Disability Housing and Care Services and the Medical Tourism sectors worldwide. The Awards recognise the rapid growth of these sectors worldwide, and the capacity of individuals to influence and set new performance standards across countries, regions and the world. The Awards focus on elevated performance; the creation of new business models; contrarion thinking; recognising and embracing new trends; market leadership; inspirational performance and the elevation of the customer experience.

Global Awards 2022


All entrants must have been involved in the provision of either goods/services in at least one country during the period of November 2023 until October 2024.


Anyone is free to bring to our attention any individual, company, organisation or instrumentality they believe merits consideration.

Nominations are permitted via third parties, self-nomination or via our network of editors in 26 countries.


Judging Criteria

The final arbiter will be the editor of 20 journals across the world specialising in these sectors.

His decision will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

The Trends editor has been involved in these sectors for over 30 years. He is the most widely travelled observer on the world stage, visiting and observing industry trends in 36 countries over the past 24 months on all continents; free of sector bias, association links, commercial compromise and open to new entrants and ideas. He is in a unique position to make considered; balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards generated by award winners for both shareholders/stakeholders and the client/customer.


The first awards event was held in 1998. The oldest event is in its twenty first year. The organisation has grown over 25 years to now conduct over 60 events in 12 countries.


The philosophy of the Awards panel is to recognise the best exemplar in the world.

Verification Process

The Awards Secretariat processing your Award will phone you/your organisation.

If you are not handling the detail we will need to know who is your appointed representative.

All communications will be a mixture of emails/phone calls.

You will get a formal letter of appointment under the Global Awards seal.

The 2024 Categories Are: Active Adults, Adult Day Care/Respite, Affordable, Aged Care, Assisted Living, Autism/Aspergers, Brain Injury, Care Home, Care Village, Clinics, Community Care, Community Housing, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Co-Op Housing, Day Care, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Disability Housing & Care Services, EMI Unit, Extra Care, Golf Estate, Health Care Centre, Health Education, Health Parks, Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Hostel, Housing Which Targets Over 50s, Independent Living Units, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Lofts, Medical Centres, Medical Health Services, Mental Health Services, Mixed Generation Housing, Multi Purpose Health Centre, Multigenerational Housing, Neurology Care, Nursing Home, Palliative, Park Housing, Regeneration, Rehabilitation, Rental Housing, Residential Care, Resort Parks, Respite, Rest Home, Retirement Apartments, Retirement Community, Retirement Flats, Retirement Village, Seniors Living, Share Flats, Shared Ownership, Sheltered Housing, Skilled Nursing, Social Housing, Specialist Education Centre, Specialist Estates, Spinal Injury, Stroke Rehab, Supported Housing, Supported Living, Tax Credits, Upscale, Urban, Virtual Retirement Communities, Intergenerational Housing.

The Disability Housing & Care sector will also include: Adaptive Housing, Ageing-In-Place, Alternative Community, Automated Living, Bariatric Care, Care Innovation, Care Trends, Carer Accommodation Suites, Cluster Housing, Co-Housing, Communal Housing, Community Centre, Community Creation, Co-Op, Co-Ownership Housing, Disability Design, Disability Services, Elderly Carer Parent Homes, Factory Housing, Faith Based Housing, Farm Living, Health Halfway Houses, Health Precinct, Healthcare Resort, Hearing Disabled Housing, Hemp Homes, Home Sharing, Homelessness Housing, Hospital In The Home, Independent Living, Infill Housing, Integrated Communities, Integrated Health Campus, Integrated Healthcare Centre, Intentional Communities, Intergenerational Fairness, Long Term Homes, Low Income Housing, Manufactured Housing, Medical Precinct, Medi-Hotel, Mental Illness, Micro Apartments, Micro Housing, Multigeneration Housing, NDIS Specialist DisabilityApartments, Not-For-Profit Housing, Passivhaus (Passive House), Prefab Housing, Quadriplegic/Seniors Mix, Revolutionary Care, Rooming House, Shared Housing, Shared Lives, Shipping Containers, Short Term Rentals, Smart Homes, Socialising Housing, Special Interest Housing, Special Needs, Specialist Disability Apartments, Spoke/Hub Care, Student Housing, Sustainable Housing, Transit Housing, Transitional Care, Transport Hub, Transportable Housing, Vertical Farm, Vertical Smart Community, Visually Impaired and Wellness.

Plus: Medical Tourism, Healthcare Innovation, I.T.

Evaluation Methodology

The judge will apply the following test to the final selected candidate in each category.

“Is this claimant the best performed, most meritious, most innovative and most courageous in the category.”

Closing Date

All Awards will be determined by October 25th, 2024.


All awards winners will be notified by the Awards Secretariat via email, which will set out the terms, conditions, and procedures governing acceptance. All correspondence will be acknowledged.


The award will be both a trophy and a certificate.


Any award can be withdrawn at any time for any reason, if in the opinion of the issuing body, the awards reputation is placed in jeopardy by any word, action or misdeed.

The Order of Events for Awards Night

The Awards dinner and presentation will be conducted at Courthouse Hotel London, UK.

The event is a formal three course sit down dinner, during which there will be a formal presentation to each Global Award winner.

The event date is Thursday, 7th November 2024.

The event commences at 7:00pm

Concludes at 10:30pm


Courthouse Hotel London
19 – 21 Great Marlborough St,
Soho, London W1F 7HL, UK

Dress Code: Black Tie

Awards Hotel / Dinner

You will be responsible for all your own hotel costs.

You will have to provide your hotel of choice with your own credit card to guarantee your room for your London stay.

You are responsible for all your own airfares and transportation costs.

A charge of £695 will attach to each awards dinner attendee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to accept my award?

A. No

Can I accept my award and not attend?

A. No

Can a senior executive colleague/substitute for me?

A. Yes. A senior colleague or diplomat or senior Government official is an acceptable substitute.

Use of award

A. You are able to use your award in sales, marketing and publicity initiatives without having to obtain consent. You are not obliged to buy any products, subscriptions or advertising as a result of accepting your award, although you will be asked to contribute to the conduct of the event.

What form does the award take?

A. Each winner receives a unique trophy and a certificate with an accompanying Citation of Excellence.

What marketing support material will I receive?

Each winner will also be provided with marketing logos (for email, website, brochure and promotional material; press releases; a photographic record and acknowledgement on the official globals website (linked to your own site) A service fee will apply.

Can I bring additional guests to the awards ceremony?

Yes, you are able to bring any number of guests to accompany yourself. A charge of £695 will attach to every awards dinner attendee.

How much time have I got to consider my award?

After you are notified by email of your award, you will need to RSVP within 14 days; if we do not hear from you within that time frame the award offer will be withdrawn and the category cancelled. If you wish to accept your award, please email your acceptance to [email protected]


Cancellations will be accepted up until 90 days before the event. A full refund of the fee will be made for cancellations received in writing up to 90 days before the event. There is no refund for cancellations received within 90 days for the event.

Are these the only Global Awards for the over 50s housing sector and the provision of goods and services market?


Who are you?

We are the only worldwide publisher specialising in the over-50s housing and care services, healthcare innovation, medical tourism and disability housing & care services sectors.

After I accept…what then?

The Awards Secretariat will start a dialogue with you to guide you towards the Awards Day in London. It is your responsibility to put our email address on the “Allowed Senders List”/”Whitelist” within your email system to ensure communications delivery.

What countries will be represented at the awards event?

Entries from most countries are expected, and consideration is currently being given to the merits of applicants from the USA, Canada, Central America, UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australasia, South Africa, China and India.

Can I interchange my guest list?

Yes, you are able to interchange your guest list names at anytime. You can add to your guest list up until the day before the event, but any no-show will be covered by the cancellation policy

Can I be stripped of my award?

Yes, any breach of the terms and conditions as expressed in your email notification could lead to the cancellation of your award.